Snapshots of Manila

Reading Mary’s awesome “closing” post on the Kiva Fellows Blog reminded me that I still had a bunch of pictures from our Manila get-together last November that I meant to put up, but never did. Here are some of my favorite photos from this bustling metropolis of contrasts (and contradictions?)

Snapshot of Manila - Mural

On our way to the MRT we stumbled across a Chinese Zen temple and decided to take a look:

Snapshot of Manila - Chinese Zen Temple

Snapshot of Manila - Chinese Zen Temple (2)

Snapshot of Manila - Chinese Zen Temple (3)

After we fully explored all the hidden corners of the zen temple, we ambled back out to Manila’s busy streets and came across – of all things – a MASONIC TEMPLE.

Snapshot of Manila - Masonic Temple

A more pleasant surprise was these adorably crafted bread-pigs that I noticed in a bakery window 😀

Snapshot of Manila - Bakery

Since Mary and I were able to meet up in Manila because of Bonifacio Day – a public holiday in the Philippines – it seemed appropriate to snap a quick pic of Bonifacio himself at “Liwasang Bonifacio” plaza.

Snapshot of Manila - Bonifacio

At Intramuros, we spent quite a bit of time in the Manila Cathedral. I was surprised to see a copy of Michelangelo’s “La Pieta” there – we later learned that this was one of the few authorized copies made from the original, and it was gifted to the Cathedral after the hurricane floods in Luzon last fall?

Snapshot of Manila - "La Pieta" at the Manila Cathedral

After our visit to the cathedral, we took a short but enjoyable kalesa ride in Intramuros…

Snapshot of Manila - Kalesa

And after we finished our wanderings for the day, we headed back to the Paco Park Oasis Hotel. The courtyard pool (with wifi access) was one of the best things about this mo- I mean hotel!

Snapshot of Manila - Oasis Hotel Pool

But definitely what I enjoyed most about Manila was being able to learn more about the history of the city and the country through the sights, especially with the help of Mary’s friend Voltaire – and of course, hanging out with Mary and getting to know her better. I didn’t do a particularly good job of capturing this through my photos, but I’ll always cherish the memories from this Manila trip as it turned out to be a real learning experience! To better understand the essence of the Philippines, I believe a visit to Manila is really a must 🙂

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