Some Candids from Camiguin

Camiguin - OutlookIt’s been a few weeks since my visit, but I simply loved Camiguin – a beautiful place filled with interesting people and things.

So to celebrate me finding a new favorite spot on Earth, here are some memorable candids from Camiguin.

We found Ms. Mezyl Guerra‘s home/business surrounded by spindly, towering palm trees where you really have to crane your neck to look up at them. In the coming dusk, this spot felt beautiful yet slightly surreal.

Camiguin - Palm Trees

This was a bit of a WTF find at Ms. Lina Micabalo‘s… a fish with fangs?! She said that it was real and dried as is though… I still feel the awe when I look at this picture 😀

Camiguin - Fanged Fish

(She also had some pet rabbits in a cage, but after the fanged fish I can reassure you that they were nothing special :P)

This next pic is one of my all-time favorites. I guess I’m just a big sucker for people going down stairs. Plus, I snapped this shot on the way to the Sunken Cemetery and that place is a big reason why I love Camiguin so much. I’ve posted quite a few Sunken Cemetery photos in a separate blog post and they’re definitely worth checking out!

Camiguin - On the Way to the Sunken Cemetery

We also visited a small hot springs rock pool right next to the ocean. The water was scalding – I wished I had brought my swimsuit so I could’ve gone for a proper dip. Although, the one time I did bust out my swimsuit (after a staff dinner at a beach resort) it apparently caused a mini-scandal? I wasn’t wearing a skimpy bikini either, mind you – just a two piece that basically looks like a one piece. So maybe bringing that swimsuit wouldn’t have been such a good idea after all…

Camiguin - Hot Springs

Here’s another one of my all-time favorite pics… Corroi (HSPFI Kiva Coordinator) snapping a pic of Sir Ronald Alipaopao (HSPFI Project Officer) on his motorcycle. And me, thirty feet away, stealing this picture of an unguarded moment in the field.

Camiguin - A Moment from the Field

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