At War with the Ants

One of the hazards of leaving for the field for a week is that the ants take over. Before I left, the ants had a fairly well-delineated chunk of territory in my room and I had mine. We mutually respected each other’s space for the most part, plus or minus a few straggling explorer ants here and there. If I drop some scrumptious crumbs of food on the floor and, five minutes later, found ants crawling all over said crumb in “my” territory, I acknowledge that my accident equals fair game for them.

However, I came back after a week in Camiguin to find that the ants had greatly expanded their territory. They tried taking over my bed and that was a battle I had to win. They also took over a big patch of floor between my bed, the table and the sink. Which I probably wouldn’t have minded so much if I wasn’t constantly trekking in that area and resting my feet and shoes there. As I wasn’t particularly thrilled about having the little buggers crawl all over me as I read/ate/brushed teeth/etc., I spent about 10 minutes last night reasserting my space with the help of a broom. When I got frustrated I stamped and smushed, until I felt guilty and resorted back to the slightly more humanitarian method of sweeping away the ants trail. I felt a bit baffled at the lack of visible food or other attractions that might have prompted them to expand so aggressively while I was out. I concluded that these ants are sneaky little suckers.

As a second sweeping appeared to have kept the ants (and whatever they might’ve been interested in picking up) near the wall and back in their original territory, I’m hoping that’s the end of my war with the ants. For this week, anyways.

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