Volunteering @ White House Kitchen Garden

White House Kitchen Garden - WeedingBack in May this year me and a bunch of colleagues had the opportunity to volunteer at the White House Kitchen Garden – we basically spent a slightly drizzly half-day doing lots of weeding. Although it was a morning spent with good company, wonderful White House staff members, and also – Bo paid a surprise visit at the end! So overall, definitely was a memorable day. And as another work friend and I joked, the White House is one of those few places on Earth where people will line up to do chores like weeding or sweeping (if such opportunity were readily available!)

It took me a while to get photos from that day for posting, but here they are, finally! 😀

You can kind of see the usual crowds outside the White House in this photo, which made me feel slightly glamorous in a brief/odd way – even though we were only there to do the weeding!

White House Kitchen Garden (1)

All the vegetables were neatly labled – here are some lettuce.

White House Kitchen Garden - Lettuce

Didn’t have that many “before” pics, so what you see here is the “after” of some heavy-duty group weeding.

White House Kitchen Garden - Vegetable Patch

Wrapping up the morning, we stopped by and learned about the White House beehive – neat addition to the grounds.

White House Kitchen Garden - Beehive

Bit of a blurry close-up, but in full view you can kind of see all the bees crowding around the entrance “ramp”!

White House Kitchen Garden - Beehive Close-Up

On our way out we were surprised by a visit from Bo! He was adorable – a real dog diva. And of course we all succumbed to his doggy charms, cooed like idiots and snapped lots and lots of First Dog pics.

White House - Bo

…and to complete being a total tourist, I snuck a pic of Sasha and Malia’s awesome playground before calling it quits for the day.

White House - Playground

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