Previously Convicted Felons Barred from Stimulus Employment in Virginia? Part Two

Following up on my previous post about trying to find the legislative source of the restriction against barring previously convicted felons for stimulus projects in Virginia… the Department of Labor’s Recovery site proved to be much more impenetrable and less citizen-friendly when it comes to trying to find an answer to a specific question. In comparison to the Department of Energy’s Recovery site, which had clear links to the “Ask an Expert” clearinghouses and toll-free number that you can call, Labor’s “Contact Us” link led me to several pages of long links and left me rather confused as to where I should send my inquiry to.

After quite a bit of clicking and reading, I decided to try the emailing the Employment and Training Administration (ETA), since they’re supposed to be responsible for providing “policy guidance and direction for ARRA funding for activities authorized under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), Subtitle D, Section 166, Native American Programs, National Emergency Grants (NEGs), the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), and the Wagner-Peyser Act.” Close enough, maybe?

On the other hand, I was happy to see that Virginia’s Recovery site not only looked very modern and sleek, but also had a great contact link in the top nav that took me to a email web form. So I sent in my inquiry to Governor Kaine’s office – and will keep my fingers crossed for responses back.

My feeling is that Labor as a national agency probably doesn’t have a restriction against employing previously convicted felons for stimulus-funded projects. If there is indeed some such policy in place, I’d expect it to be from Virginia’s state/local government. For now I’ll just have to wait and see –

This is part two of four in the “Previously Convicted Felons Barred from Stimulus Employment in Virginia?” series. Follow the discussion through parts one, two, three, and four.

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